Training is an important part of Vipetec’s customer support. We design all training packages to meet the individual needs of the customer. The customer benefits if the training can be arranged in the customer’s own premises.

Managing Processes

Improving the management of process events usually leads to significant savings. In the training, we will go through historical data, synchronise operations and encourage the customer to adopt efficient working methods. The customer’s operators will learn about the management and development of process events.

Tuning Control Loops

The training includes basic theory lessons and practical exercises for small groups of automation specialists. The participants will learn about the principles of tuning methods and the prerequisites of applying them in practice. ExperTune and TuneUp are two examples of the software products that we have used.

Fuzzy Computing and Control

The purpose of the training is to give the participants basic information about fuzzy computing and control and how they can be applied in a process environment. The training includes a theory module, examples and a practical exercise. The content can be structured around the customer’s own case.