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Standardizing process parameters in production control

The benefits of standardizing process operating parameters in production control are often major. These parameters are variables or settings in the production process that affect its performance. They include speeds, temperatures, pressures, flows and so on. Their standardization can greatly improve efficiency and product quality, optimize production line speed, reduce costs and waste, and enhance safety, just to mention a few.

Is your Big Data project a resource-demanding forever project?

Implementing a new software in production process can take a lot of resources and time. But with Vipetec ATA™ software it’s a light and simple process for the customer. It takes typically less than two months and comprises of five steps that you can read here. When in use, ATA gives our customers in seconds the necessary information, which could otherwise take even hours to get.

How Vipetec supports its customers’ sustainable development goals

Many of our customers are real experts in using the residues from their production processes to the maximum extent. That means less waste, greenhouse gases and used raw materials. Vipetec products and services help greatly in this. Sometimes the residues are used to produce energy, and sometimes new products can be made from them.

Have successful AI projects been achieved in process control?

Process control in industry is critical for a profitable business. Artificial intelligence has raised many expectations on this field, but have the results delivered on them? Author Heikki Peltonen, the CEO of Finnish company Vipetec, focuses especially on paper and forest industry here.

Does AI solve everything or just waste millions to develop?

Heikki Peltonen, the CEO of Finnish company Vipetec, shares his view about the potential of artificial intelligence in paper and forest industry processes. Both the evolution in IT and the human component are discussed here. Heikki draws his conclusions from over 20-year experience on the field.

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