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Vipetec has more than 20 years of experience in developing industrial process controls. This know-how, combined with our software, delivers proven results to better exploit the potential of your processes. We help you take better control of your process to improve your production processes, increase productivity and reduce costs. This can lead to very substantial results, as we explain here.


years of experience in industrial production processes and control

development projects in the process industry

monitoring production efficiency and improving operation actions


Developers of process control

Vipetec was founded by Heikki Peltonen and Pauli Viljamaa in 2001. They both have a strong technology background and over 20 years of experience in the process industry and Vipetec’s core services.

Continuous development and active contacts with universities have kept Vipetec and its expertise up-to-date. You can find the pages of our university partners here LUT University and here Tampere University, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences.


Our strategy

Vipetec optimizes the production of companies operating in the process industry. This happens by improving the control of the normal operations situation and by speeding up the start-up of production, recovery from production breaks and changes from one product or grade to another. With more than 20 years of experience, our company has developed a service package. This includes analysis services, Vipetec ATA™ software and optimization, support, and training services.

By utilizing the customer’s existing data, we enhance the customer’s process control with our services and products. As a result, our customer can produce the same quantity using less time, material, and energy. In addition, typically less waste is generated and the quality of the products going to the market improves. Our customers save money and improve their competitiveness while nature and the climate give thanks. 

Vipetec wants to offer its solutions in general for process industry sectors, because our offering has proven to produce excellent results for years already. We maintain our expertise through continuous development and active contact with universities. Our guideline at Vipetec is to do what we have promised to our customers within the set schedule. We want to serve our customers flexibly and meet their needs quickly. 

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