Vipetec’s mission is to look for efficiency improvements in process industries. Traditionally we have worked with paper companies and we are gradually expanding our services to other process industries as well. In terms of managing process events, many of the basic challenges are similar in a paper company and a power company. We measure the efficiency of process events like grade changes, breaks or restarts and we help our customers to take advantage of this information to implement improvements.

If we take an overall view, it is possible to divide our customer relationships into three phases linked by a clear logic:

  1. Analysis and recommendations
  2. ATA Process Event Library
  3. Optional support services

Step 1: Analysing Data

For new customers we usually recommend an analysis of the current situation first. It is important to understand how much room there is for improvement. We use actual data from the customer’s production line to perform the analysis. The results enable Vipetec to identify areas where improvements are possible and to quantify their value. When the customer sees the results they are in a much better position to decide whether further action is justified.

Step 2: ATA Process Event Library

Quite often customers are surprised to see how much potential there is for improvement. ATA Process Event Library is a software tool to capture and save the benefits. It monitors process events, saves measurement data and makes this data available to operators and managers in formats that support continuous improvement. ATA helps the customer’s organisation to learn from previous experience, to adjust quickly in anomalous situations and to promote best practices across the organisation. After the initial training the customer can use ATA independently without any extensive consulting. Technical and other support is, of course, available from Vipetec.

Step 3: Optional Support Services

Many of our customers ask Vipetec to start a separate project with them to study their process events and process control in more detail. Vipetec offers a range of expert services and we always tailor them to the individual needs of each customer. We want to maximise the benefits that our customers get from their existing systems. These additional services include projects to optimise process control, implementation of advanced control methods, customised computing applications and training to adopt best practices.

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