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Suction box controllers back in order

Here is an example of a paper machine where the suction boxes of the wire section were not performing optimally. This affected the water removal. Vipetec analyzed suction box controllers, ensured the condition of the actuators and tuned the controllers. Thanks to this, the controllers can be operated automatically and other good things have also happened. This has affected the paper machine’s energy economy positively.

Results in practice – Developing and monitoring grade changes at a paper mill

Our customer has two paper machines on one of their sites and both of them have benefited from Vipetec ATA™ software. Although they use grade change automation, human operators need to handle many things. Here experience and best available instruments, such as ATA grade change libraries, come into play. They made it possible to speed up the grade changes by 35% on one machine and 28% on the other. In addition, ATA guaranteed that this improved level could be sustained for a long run. The Production Manager of this paper mill was impressed by the benefits it provided.

We reduced the customer’s quality deviations in end product

The paper machine here had too large quality deviations and the steam control performance needed improvement. First Vipetec experts analyzed the issue and then they gave recommendations as well as performed optimization. This significantly reduced the machine direction deviations.

Our solution increased grade change speed by 51%

This case handles a paper machine in which significant costs came from numerous grade changes. By analyzing and optimizing the process and introducing the Vipetec ATA™ software we managed to increase the grade change speed by 51%.

With us the customer improved the pH management

This is a customer case about how Vipetec solutions improved pH management significantly at a paper machine. The customer had worked for years to achieve this, with no luck. pH control was enhanced for both pulp and wet end through using advanced methods.

We helped to reduce quality deviations by 36-43%

This case explains how the tuning of wet end controls on board machine led to improved product quality. Vipetec achieved this through three work phases and provided the customer with reduced deviation in dry weight, basis weight, and moisture.

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