ATA Process Event Library provides you with effective management

Vipetec's mission is to find ways to improve the efficiency of the process industry.

We measure the effectiveness of process events such as grade changes, breaks, and start-ups, and we help our clients leverage this information to develop operations. With ATA software, we have combined our long experience of practical and data analytics to serve our customers.

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ATA software collects and stores measurement data from specified process events and makes it available to the user in an illustrative format. The program analyses, calculates, compares, and converts measurement data into easily readable trends, tables, and summaries for process operators.

ATA software can offer target values ​​to support process operators in their decision making. By utilizing past process events in the library, ATA software will help users identify and promote best practices. By utilizing past process events in the library, ATA software will help users identify and promote best practices.

Many production processes involve events that need to be managed as efficiently as possible. Events may be related to process start-ups or changes in raw materials, production speed, product, or other inevitable changes. Vipetec has been researching this topic for years and has developed specific ATA software to help process industry plants achieve significant efficiency improvements.

ATA software produces key performance figures which can be used to monitor real-life performance levels and anomalies and to identify development needs. Maintaining a good level of performance generates continuous cost savings.

In the paper industry, for example, Vipetec has been able to improve the efficiency of grade changes by up to 30% and more (see an example here). Such large improvements generate significant cost savings. Most importantly, ATA software helps to maintain these savings and improvements.

ATA - Process Event Library

Applications for the Process Event Library

Starts. Breaks.

Grade Changes

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From our customers

This is an excellent tool for managing process events and especially helps those who have only recently been an operator. The right operating values ​​are easy to find with ATA software.
An operator
ATA software gave us great tools to develop and track grade changes. The software has produced excellent results in helping us to reduce the grade change broke by more than 25%.

Operations Manager