Have successful AI projects been achieved in process control?

In this article Heikki Peltonen, the CEO of Vipetec Oy, shares his views on the current state of utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) in process control. AI is the ability of a machine to analyze and model large amounts of data in order to learn to solve a given specific task. The more diverse this data is, the better chance of AI has in learning. In paper and forest industry processes there is plenty of data available, and its quality is affected by people, machinery, equipment, environment, and data collection software.

Successful artificial intelligence projects – are there any?

The mood is that so far, no major breakthroughs have been reported in the scalability of process control AI projects. Either there haven’t been breakthroughs, or the companies have kept them hidden from competitors.

Have you challenged the results and progress of your project? If not, don’t hesitate to ask about it. The results, payback period, and duration of an ongoing project are good to be challenged. Also, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Years of work experience have taught me that the best results in forest and paper industry projects come from data gathering combined with analysis done by skilled individuals. By focusing thoroughly on a specific problem solving we have achieved good results in our own projects and products. Would the best solution be for you to boldly implement smaller sub-process development projects alongside a larger research project?

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Heikki Peltonen, entrepreneur, CEO

The author has over 25 years of experience in developing automation and data analytics in the paper and forest industry. He has been doing data-based analysis and process development for all Finland’s major paper and forest industry companies.