Our solution increased grade change speed by 51%

Case: Developing grade changes and maintaining performance​

by Vipetec ATA™ software​

Challenge in the production process

Many of the paper and board machines have a lot of grade changes. In this case the several grade changes on the paper machine caused significant costs.​

Vipetec’s solutions​

At the beginning we reviewed the functionality of grade change and automatics, and then we analyzed the areas of development with Vipetec’s analysis tools. In the next phase of optimization, Vipetec experts developed automation, carried out calculations, instructed in running methods and tuned the controls, among other things. The effectiveness of the work was monitored in real time using Vipetec ATA™ software.​

Achieved results

We managed to improve the customer’s paper machine’s grade change speed in the development project by 51%​ compared to the initial level. This result had been reached by the end of the project. Vipetec ATA™ software has been used since the project to further monitor the performance of the grade changes as well as as a daily tool for operators to perform grade changes efficiently.


Speed increased