Is your Big Data project a resource-demanding forever project?

When talking about the software used in the production process, many people worry already beforehand about the complexity of its implementation. The thought of a project where the company’s resources have to be tied up for an indefinite period creeps into one’s mind. Installing and implementing the Vipetec ATA™ software is a light and simple process for the customer, and is handled surprisingly quickly. After this, our software helps to maintain the achieved improvements and savings. For our current customers, it has indeed become an everyday tool that gives production operators the data they need with just a few clicks. Good feedback has come specifically about the ease of use.

Delivery of the Vipetec ATA™ software to the customer typically takes just under two months from specification to installation. In the first step, Vipetec’s experts sit down with the customer to find out exactly what their needs are. This usually takes one or two meetings where the customer’s product specialist, automation specialist and IT specialist take part. In the initial phase of delivery, a remote connection is also arranged for software installation and maintenance. In the second stage of the process, Vipetec collects and analyzes data and configures the software. In the third step, Vipetec and the customer check the implementation, this typically takes 1-2 meetings. From the customer’s side, the same people as before participate in this. In the fourth step, Vipetec installs the software and tests it, and in the fifth step, the users of the software are trained.

An effortless and versatile tool

The easy-to-use features of the Vipetec ATA™ software give the customer in seconds the necessary information, which could otherwise take even hours to get. This saves time to do other important things. It processes data from the customer’s other systems into an easy-to-read and usable form that is quickly available. The calculation and reporting of key figures is tailored for various process events, which include, for example, grade changes, tail threadings, start-ups and normal operations situations. In addition to production line operating personnel, the software serves many levels of personnel up to production management.

The benefit produced by the Vipetec ATA™ software can be measured concretely and the payback period of the software is short. Setting it up with the customer’s system doesn’t require much of their time either. The development of the software is based on the Vipetec team’s more than 20 years of experience in process control and process data analysis. Learn more about it here: