We improved the efficiency of grade changes by an average of 30%

Case: Developing grade changes and maintaining performance

by Vipetec ATA™ Process Event Library

Challenge in the production process

Many of the paper and cardboard machines have a lot of grade changes. In this case, the paper machine had several grade changes which caused significant costs.

Vipetec’s solutions

The grade changes were analyzed with Vipetec’s analysis tools at first. Next, in the optimization phase, the Vipetec experts tuned the controls of paper machines. The customer also got tools to monitor and measure the performance of grade changes continuously. In addition, Vipetec ATA™ software is helping the customer to maintain and improve further the efficiency of grade changes.

Achieved results

The grade changes were accelerated rapidly in the development project. The amount of broke was reduced by about 25%. Through monitoring and further development, the amount of broke was reduced 35% from the starting level.



Index of the reference year = 100. Annual savings of approximately 25–35% compared to the reference year.