We reduced the customer’s quality deviations in end product

Case: Tuning the controls in the drying section at paper machine

by Vipetec Analysis™ and Optimization

Challenge in the production process

The performance of steam control needed to be improved because there was too large deviation in quality variables. That caused extra costs and reduced quality in paper production.

Vipetec’s solutions​

At first Vipetec experts analyzed the performance of control loops in the drying section using Vipetec’s analysis tools. Next, they gave recommendations for the maintenance actions of actuators and valves. Finally optimization was done, where Vipetec experts tuned the loops to perform better considering the cross-correlations between them.​​

Achieved results

Thanks to the project, the 2-sigma machine direction deviations were reduced by an average of

  • 29% in moisture
  • 10% in basis weight

in whole operating area of the paper machine.

Note: No other development actions were taken during the tuning project and no quality controllers were tuned.​


Quality optimized